Intense Kettlebell Ab Workout

Intense Kettlebell Ab Workout


What is up #kettlebellkings and #kettlebellqueens? Welcome to our kettlebell workout specifically designed to target those abs. 

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Instead of getting on the ground and doing a workout routine you’ve probably seen a thousand times before, we’re going to do a standing ab workout. 

With ballistic exercises that move the weight around your midline while you firmly grasp onto the ground, you can create a lot of tension that will work your abs and your entire trunk. From your shoulders, all the way down to your glutes, this workout constitutes a fantastic full-body routine as well.

Exercise #1: Bottoms-up march

The first thing I’ll ask you to do is a bottoms-up march. Choose an arm, grab your kettlebell, and do a one-hand kettlebell swing, then bring the kettlebell to your shoulder and keep it upside down.

This will create a lot of tension so your shoulder has to be nice and firm to compensate for the instability. From there, do a march: pull up your knees to your hips, one at a time. March for 30 seconds, then switch up to the other arm for another 30 seconds.

Tip: if the weight is heavy, try holding the kettlebell in a rack position (holding it against your chest with the arm tucked in).

choose_the_right_kettlebell_size-Kettlebell Kings

Exercise #2: Around the world (beginner & advanced versions)

Beginner version: Grab the kettlebell, stretch out your arms and move the kettlebell around the body in one direction. Pause, then switch the direction. Do this every time you do one full rotation. Repeat for 1 minute.

Advanced version: Speed up the movement and each time you complete one rotation, bring the kettlebell up to a catch (either low or high). Try engaging your core and abs as much as possible while doing this. Repeat for 1 minute for at least three rounds.



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