Teams USA Competes At IUKL World Championships!

Teams USA Competes At IUKL World Championships!

Team USA recently competeted at the IUKL World Championships in South Korea and had a lot of great success! We are proud to sponsor Team USA and be a part of the worldwide growing sport of Kettlebell Sport. Team USA is represented by a lot of great athletes and people and is put together by The American Kettlebell Alliance. Each year members of Team USA are determined at the USA National Championships. Below is a recap of some of the athletes and their success! You can contact the American Kettlebell Alliance or for more information on how to become involved in Team USA Kettlebell Lifting.

If you would like to learn more about Kettlebell Sport, we have published extensively on this topic and you can read more about getting started here and progress through the training.

Team USA Results from IUKL World Championship 2017 at Seoul, South Korea

By: The American Kettlebell Alliance

Veterans Rank 2nd and Adults Rank 8th in the World Overall Team USA Wins 26 Medals

Team USA Veterans took one of the top places (2nd place) at the International Union of Kettlebell Lifters (IUKL) World Kettlebell Championships 2017 held November 15-18 at Olympic Park in Seoul Korea. Overall, Team USA members, Lynn Bonnemere, Laura Brown, Camargo, Jennifer Casey, Irvin Charleston, Dana Curcio, Sarah Fornero, Kimberly Fox, Tim Fullmer, Vyacheslav Gurevich, William Hass, Barbara Hutchinson, Andrey Kleyner, Marlena Klimkiewicz, Nick Kotwica, Svitlana Krechyk, Richard Morton, Valerie Pawlowski, Douglas Seamans, Mike Sherman, David Steele, Jon Vitolo, Dale Wall, Jamie Wolcott, Joann Worden, Tina Yerkes, placed 8th of the 33 countries competing.

Along with the “classic” competition lifts, this year’s World Competition also featured the “trial” woman’s two arm long cycle. Countries represented in the Women’s Two-Arm Long Cycle competition were from Canada, England, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, and USA. Our own Kimberly Fox won first place lifting two 24kg’s with 64 reps and Sarah Fornero took 3rd doing 89 reps lifting 16’s. Overall There were 453 competitors from around the world registered for the event that was held in the historic handball arena.

Read the breakdown of medalists below and more information below!

The breakdown of medalists are as follows:

1st Place

  • Jamie WolcottVeterans 12 kg long cycle
  • Mike Sherman Veterans Biatholon
  • Joanne Worden 16kg one arm long cycle
  • Dana Curcio 16kg Snatch
  • Sarah Fornero 16 kg Two-Arm Long Cycle
  • Tina Yerkes Veterans Snatch
  • Kimberly Fox 24 kg Two-Arm Long Cycle
  • Valerie Pawlowski Veterans 12 kg Snatch
  • Valerie Pawlowski Veterans 12 kg Long Cycle

2nd Place

  • Doug Seamans Long Cycle 24kg
  • Ivone Maia Veterans Snatch
  • Slava Gurevich Veterans Long Cycle 24kg
  • Svetlana Krechyk Long Cycle one arm 24kg
  • Jamie Wolcott Veteran division 50-54 68kg+
  • Lynn Bonnemere Veterans Snatch 8kg
  • Irvin Charleston Silver Veterans Long Cycle
  • Dale Wall Veterans Long Cycle
  • Valerie Pawlowski Professional Snatch
  • Tina Yerkes Veteran Long Cycle


  • Bridget Barto One Arm Long Cycle
  • Barbara Hutchinson One Arm Long Cycle
  • Irvin Charleston Biathlon
  • Irvin Charleston Veterans Biathlon
  • Tm Fuller Veterans Biathlon
  • Tina Yerkes Snatch
  • Valerie Pawlowski 24kg Professional Long Cycle
  • Sarah Fornero Two-Arm Long Cycle

Congratulations to our entire team who not only trained vigorously for the competition but also spent the time and money to travel to Seoul using their own expense to compete. We tend to focus our talk on the medals won and ranks achieved, but being a part of Team USA is much more than ranks and medals. Our participation is in something greater, being a member of Team USA brings one into the greater worldwide kettlebell sport community. What we see at our local and regional meets is suddenly played out in an international community. Being at an international competition one suddenly realizes the truth in the adage about sport bringing humanity together. It matters not our country of origin what matters is that we are united in or passion or kettlebell sport in a world. If you are interested in joining our team we’d love to have you. The Team USA qualifier will be held during USA Nationals May 5-6 2018 in Wilton Connecticut and the World Championship in 2018 will be held October 5-7, 2018 in Daugavpils, Latvia. Care to join us?

Lastly, we’d like to thank Kettlebell Kings and GS Planet for their continued support of Team USA and the growth of kettlebell sport in the USA.

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