Kettlebell Kings Wrist and Grip Part One

This is the first in a series of videos that will cover how I use lighter kettlebells do supplement the grip development needed for the old-time strongman feats like bending steel and ripping cards. The first movement is a braced pronation/supination exercise that adds a cool thumb strength emphasis too. This very much mimics the action of certain kinds of braced steel bending. Place the KB on its side and grip the handle by the horn. From this position, pronate and supinate the hand to raise and lower the kettlebell. Not a lot of technical instruction needed. The second movement is very similar to the floor- based sledgehammer leverage lift that was popularized by strongman legend Slim the Hammer Man Farman. Hold the handle with both hands on the horns and leverage the weight into a bottom-up vertical position. These are two simple and very effective ways to improve wrist strength with a light kettlebell.

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