12 Days of Kettlebells | Day 2 - Kettlebell Ornament Feature

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12 Days of Kettlebells

Day 2 - Kettlebell Ornament Feature

Kettlebell Ornament Feature

By now we hope you’re feeling good after following the workout featured in our first day of  Kettlebells! If you haven’t checked that out yet then you can find all the instructions and a link to our youtube video here.

The first day was tough so we’re giving you a break here and a chance to check out our Kettlebell Christmas Tree Ornaments! Available in red, black, copper and gold, these are the perfect decoration for any fitness addict’s home. They also make the perfect Christmas gift for your gym buddies and fellow fitness freaks!

The ornaments weigh 8 grams and are 8.1 centimeters high and 6.2 centimeters in diameter, made of plastic and serve as the perfect reminder to keep fit over the holidays.

At the price of just $9.99 for one ornament, they are selling out fast - make sure you get yours today!