Author Profile: Hallie, Kettlebell Mama

Author Profile: Hallie, Kettlebell Mama

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Hallie | Kettlebell & Mobility Coach, Creator of the @socalkettlebellfest

Hallie is a kettlebell coach and personal trainer who specializes in helping women achieve their fitness goals, offering postpartum recovery, prenatal workouts, baby essentials, breastfeeding tips & kettlebell technique sessions. She has a passion for helping other mothers stay strong and healthy through kettlebell training. On her Instagram page she shares tips, advice and inspiration on how to achieve and maintain optimal health and fitness while balancing the demands of motherhood. She promotes the use of kettlebells as a versatile and effective tool for building strength and improving overall fitness. Hallie's approach to fitness is holistic and emphasizes the importance of self-care, self-love and body positivity. She also shares her personal experiences and struggles as a mother and how she has overcome them through fitness and mindset shift. She encourages her followers to join her in her journey and make fitness a part of their daily life.

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