12 Days of Kettlebells | Day 5 - Adjustable Kettlebells

12 Days of Kettlebells

Day 5 - Adjustable Kettlebells

Adjustable Kettlebells

Still wondering what to ask Santa for this Christmas? Wonder no more! Our adjustable kettlebells are the perfect Christmas gift for all the boys and girls!

The adjustable  kettlebells at Kettlebell Kings allow you to save space and get more flexibility out of your workouts at the same time.

An adjustable  kettlebell answers all the questions you might have about which weight you need to start with or which weight to do different exercises with. You can easily perform high rep or low rep workouts of the same movement by simply adjusting the weighted plates with the slide of the lever!

They’re easy to adjust and are so much more cost effective than buying all the different weights you might need for a full Christmas workout.

Perfect for beginners and experts alike. Give the gift of gains this Christmas with Adjustable Kettlebells!

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