Vikn Performance Chalk | 450g Bag

1.00 LBS
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Approximately 1 pound of magnesium carbonate chunk chalk for sports and gym use. Used at some of the biggest kettlebell sport events in the country:

  • California Open
  • Texas Open
  • Nor Cal Open

VIKN Performance Chalk is perfect for all fitness activities that require grip. From climbing to kettlebell to gymnastics to Strongman lifting to Olympic Weightlifting and Crossfit, our fitness chalk will keep you focused on your activity so you don't have to worry about losing your grip.

In a battle against sweat, VIKN Performance Chalk is a high quality, chunk style chalk that is easily applied to hands and equipment to absorb perspiration. Nobody wants slippery grip to be an excuse for the next gym fail video so we recommend that you apply liberally and often. We aren't into gimmicks so you won't find any weird additives in our packaging, just unadulterated, all-natural, organic, vegan-friendly, gluten free, non-dairy, soy-free, non-gmo, paleo magnesium carbonate.* Pure, uncut white powder.

We've made it easy to stay stocked up on your favorite chalk. VIKN Performance Chalk is offered in large 450 gram (approximately 1 pound) bags instead of the tiny containers you usually find. Because bigger is better.

Also, the large bags are available on subscription so every month you can get your chalk supply renewed without the hassle of reordering. Customize your order to fit your needs. Choose to get 1, 2 or more bags of chalk delivered every (or every other) month and you will be billed automatically for your convenience. No sweat!

We've all been caught scrambling to find chalk only to find our go-to supply is out of stock.