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Men's Kettlebell Sets

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Men who are new to kettlebell training and lifting in general should start with a 26 LB or 12 KG Kettlebell. This is the ideal weight for the average man, new to weights or with a bench press strength of under 200 pounds. Men who are new to kettlebells, but not weight training or who have a higher bench press should start with a 35 pound or 16 kilogram kettlebell. The average man will quickly be able to use a 53 pound or 24 kilogram kettlebell after a few months of kettlebell training.  If you are of advanced strength, but new to kettlebells we recommend starting with a 53 pound or 24 kilogram kettlebell, knowing you will progress past this in up to 6 months. For this reason, consider a kettlebell set, which allows you to have a starting weight of 35 pounds, which you will be able to use indefinitely for certain movements, but be able to scale to a heavier weight for full body movements when your strength increases.


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