Trial Kettlebell Kings Full Length Weekly Workouts

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Kettlebell Workouts - Trial a Follow Along Workout

One of the keys to staying involved in living fit is breaking up the monotony of working out. Try a follow along workout and if you like it get a full year of follow along workouts. You can do one per week or access the library at any time to grab a new workout! When you purchase 'Kettlebell Kings Full Length Weekly Workouts' you automatically get one new workout in your inbox from Kettlebell Kings each week. We create tons of challenging workouts you can perform with your kettlebell(s) anywhere. Each workout includes a full length follow along demo (seen below) as well as the individual movements in the workout. When you get the full year it is a time purchase of $19.99!

Get 52 weeks of weekly kettlebell workouts! One new workout delivered to your email inbox each week that includes a full length, follow along workout (seen below), one new movement of the week and a helpful article to read! In addition get access to the largest library of full length kettlebell movement demonstrations on the web with hundreds of movements thoroughly explained so you can follow along with as well as move correctly for optimal workouts.

Kettlebell Kings partners with experts to bring you workouts that:

  • build muscle
  • burn fat
  • increase mobility
  • keep workouts challenging and exciting


  • Mostly 10-20 minute workouts
  • Perform at home, outdoors at the gym
  • Stay up to date on the best ways to use your kettlebell
  • teach to your class


"These are so quick, but challenging. Cannot wait to get my new workout each week".  - Gerard

"I LOVE the  workouts! They give me something new to do every week and keep my workouts exciting!" - Jill

"Great mix of different kettlebell exercises, the YouTube channel and blog are really helpful to show technique." - Chad





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