The 'King' | Premium Cast Iron Kettlebells

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24 kg kettlebell, 53 lb kettlebell, cast iron kettlebell

The 'King' | Premium Cast Iron Kettlebells

24 Kilogram | 53 Pound, 32 Kilogram | 70 Pound Kettlebell, 48 Kilogram | 106 Pound Kettlebells

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This kettlebell set normally ships for hundreds of dollars in addition to price from other providers!

This Cast Iron Kettlebell set contains 24kg/ 53 pound, 32kg/70 pound and 48kg/ 106 pound cast iron kettlebells. This set is designed for someone with experience using kettlebells or lifting weights. The different weights in this set allow for the increase of weight as your strength increases as well as for a variety for different kettlebell movements.

Kettlebells sets are a great purchase for a couple reasons. First, like any weight training you will become stronger over time and need heavier weights to have the same affect. Second, there are hundreds of possible kettlebell movements, to utilize the full benefit of kettlebells you should use a heavier kettlebell for explosive movements and lighter kettlebells for more isolated movements. Lastly, you save money when you purchase a kettlebell set, these sets are discounted from the sum of the cost of the kettlebells in the set, so a set is an investment for the future!

Features: If a kettlebell does not have the features below it will easily chip and crack and not stand up to normal wear and tear. Make sure any kettlebell you buy is cast as one piece and is Gravity Cast if you want it to last. For this reason our cast iron kettlebells are the best for the price on the web.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Cast Iron Russian Kettlebells
  • Cast as one solid piece rather than attaching a handle, creates higher durability
  • "Gravity Cast" Molding With No Welds, Weak Spots, Seams or Burrs
  • Thick, Smooth, Handles Optimized to Prevent Chafing
  • Flat base for easy storage and handling

Cast Iron Kettlebells are the epitome of what comes to mind for a classic Russian Kettlebell. These Kettlebells are used by the United States armed forces as well as professional teams in all major sports. Cast Iron Kettlebells are considered the best value on the market because they are gravity cast with no welds, weak spots, seams or burrs, but are priced less than most brands of kettebells available. The gravity casting makes these kettlebells extremely durable when you cannot quite complete the last rep and drop the kettlebell to the floor.