The Archdukes

Kettlebell Sets in this category contain weights of 35 pounds, 53 pounds & 70 pounds or 16 kg, 24 kg & 32 kg.

Men who are new to kettlebell training and lifting in general should start with a 35 lb or 16 kg kettlebell. This is the ideal weight for the average man, new to weights or with a bench press strength of under 200 pounds. The average man will quickly be able to use a 53 lb or 24 kg kettlebell after a few months of kettlebell training.  If you are of advanced strength, but new to kettlebells we recommend starting with a 53 pound or 24 kilogram kettlebell, knowing you will quickly move up.

 A kettlebell set is a great purchase because of the reduction in price instead of purchasing different weights separately. It is hard to make recommendations without knowing you specifically, but this is where most would start.