2 × Competition Kettlebell, Gym Mat + FREE BOTTLE
2 × Competition Kettlebell, Gym Mat + FREE BOTTLE
2 × Competition Kettlebell, Gym Mat + FREE BOTTLE
2 × Competition Kettlebell, Gym Mat + FREE BOTTLE
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Kettlebell Kings

2 × Competition Kettlebell, Gym Mat + FREE BOTTLE

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Bundle Components

All you need to get started with Kettlebell workouts: The Starter Set: Competition Kettlebell consists of two Competition Kettlebells (weight of your choice) and our Gym Mat for floor protection.

2 × Competition Kettlebell 

  • UNIFORM SIZE: Competition kettlebells are made of steel and are all the same size regardless of weight for a uniform training experience at all times. If you have used barbells, you know that training with plates that are all the same size allows you to retain the same form during Olympic lifts, regardless of weight. Competition kettlebells offer the same consistency in kettlebell form. These competition kettlebells have 35mm handles. The bells are designed for high repetition exercises.
  • STAMPED WITH WEIGHT: Exact weight is stamped on kettlebells in kilograms and pounds for easy identification.
  • NO WELDING OR FILLERS: Each weight 4 to 36 is made using a specific, individual mold to precisely cast each bell to its correct weight. Most competition kettlebells are a steel shell filled with fillers such as like sawdust or ball bearings to achieve the desired weight. Kettlebells with fillers, especially lighter ones, can come loose and shift over time, changing the balance of the kettlebell as it shifts around mid lift. Our kettlebells 40kg and above do contain a small amount of lead filler, but contain more steel in the mold to keep it as minimal as possible. The dimensions of the bell make it impossible for the required amount of steel to be poured to meet heavier weights without a small amount of lead filler.
  • NO WELDED ROD: Our kettlebells never contain rods in the middle of our 'unfilled' bells that are known to distract lifts and vibrate with impact.
  • 35MM HANDLES & COLOR STANDARD: Handles are 35mm, in accordance with international competition standards. Additionally, the kettlebell colors are designed to match international color standard to identify specific weights.

1 × Gym Mat 

Protect your floors from dropped equipment with this highly durable floor mat. This mat will absorb the impact of the heaviest kettlebells and protect the floor underneath. You can also put multiple pieces together to protect larger areas in your garage gym. Ships separately from kettlebells. If order with kettlebells, this item may arrive separately and will have separate tracking.

  • Heavy-duty black rubber
  • Measures 1 meter x 1 meter
  • 10mm thickness
  • Spike resistance: self-healing
  • 3 year warranty


  • Large Water Capacity Unlike small shaker bottles and other accessories, each of our plastic drink bottles holds a huge 2.2 litres of water, more than standard bottled water, supporting a healthy life and all-day hydration for optimum fitness.
  • Insulating Sleeve For Fortified Durability Our unique gym water bottle for men and women is crafted with premium plastic and built with 40 more plastic than standard plastic water bottles. Combined with our neoprene sleeve, The Gym Keg is able to function as a water cooler. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, running or doing a workout, The Gym Keg is the perfect partner for you.
  • Multiple Exclusive Designs Our half gallon water bottle comes in lots of different designs for men, women and unisex. Check out our super popular pink, black, grey, and other pattern designs. Our built-in carry handle and leakproof pop-cap makes it easier to take your half gallon water bottle with you to work, the gym, to outdoor sports, or hiking.
  • Ecofriendly & Health Conscious Every gym bottle is crafted with lightweight, BPA-free plastic that wont influence water taste or impact your health. With and over 2 liter water bottle your body can stay hydrated all day every day.
  • Reliable Guarantee The Gym Keg is made with superior reliability and craftmanship for true quality assurance whether you have an issue with your lid or flask, just let us know and we will fix it for you as part of our 12 month guarantee.
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Lifetime Warranty

Warranty-Kettlebell Kings

Lifetime Warranty

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