Kettlebell Spartan Academy – Online Video Workshop and Course for Beginners
Kettlebell Spartan Academy – Online Video Workshop and Course for Beginners
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Kettlebell Spartan Academy – Online Video Workshop and Course for Beginners

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The Kettlebell Spartan Online Course is created for men and women who have either NEVER picked up a kettlebell before, are just beginning their kettlebell journey, anyone who learned over YouTube of KB Fitness class that has not had formal kettlebell certification training.

This 8 Module Kettlebell Foundations Workshop is a self-paced on demand digital video workshop where Certified Kettlebell Specialist Funk Roberts and wife Certified Advanced Kettlebell Coach Angela Roberts will take you by the hand and show you how to use kettlebells safely and effectively so you can benefit from the amazing benefits you get using kettlebells. 

The course is designed for you to achieve a safe and effective way to become proficient in using hardstyle kettlebell training by learning and performing the key basic movements and exercises to help you elevate your kettlebell training. The online workshop is pre-recorded and develop for the absolute beginner or anyone that needs to refresh their kettlebell techniques in the comfort of their own home or at the gym.

Inside this Kettlebell Course you’ll learn all the fundamentals of hard-style kettlebell training in the following modules:

Module 1 - Kettlebell Foundations

  • Difference between kettlebell training (Sport vs Russian style)
  • Selecting your kettlebell weight (men and women)
  • Beginner principles and foundations of KB training
  • Holding the kettlebell - goblet and rack
  • Main kettlebell grips - claw vs crush
  • How to engage your core and pillar
  • Breathing techniques
  • Main kettlebell set up positions
  • Halo and around the body exercises
  • Fully body warm up routine with Angela

Module 2 – Hip Hinge and Deadlift

Module 3 - Kettlebell Swing Variations

Module 4 – Kettlebell Rows and Clean

Module 5 – Kettlebell Squat and Lunge

Module 6 – Kettlebell Shoulder and Floor Press

Module 7 - Kettlebell Snatch Variations

Module 8 – Kettlebell Windmill

BONUS – Turkish Get Up and Get Up Ladder

When you purchase this course you'll also get

  • Kettlebell Spartan Beginner follow along workout videos
  • 28 day Kettlebell training guide
  • Kettlebell beginner workout demos
  • Results Accelerator Don for YOU Nutrition for Men and Women
  • 8 minute abs and core finishers
  • Kettlebell warm up and stretches
  • Range of motion and mobility routines
  • Access to private Kettlebell Spartan Academy Facebook group
  • Monthly live coaching call with Coach Funk and Angela
  • Funk Fitness Shred App - access to KB Beginner Program and KB workshop

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