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Flow Strong: Flow Better and Stronger

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The goal of this program is to help you build muscle, plus improve your kettlebell flow skills over a 30 day period. Move freely and learn to flow with kettlebells! Build muscle, improve athleticism. This program comes with free mobile access so you can access on any mobile device, your TV or just pop in your headphones and listen to instructions!

You Will Need:

At least one kettlebell. If you have multiple kettlebells use a lighter bell for higher reps and a heavier bell for lower reps. If you only have one kettlebell, in this plan we demonstrate how to increase tension or slow down reps to mimic heavier weights.

What is Included:

  • Daily programming to participate in for 4-12 weeks to build muscle & improve athleticism using kettlebells
  • Written daily protocol and follow along workouts to follow
  • Demonstrations of each movement with detailed written and verbal cues about how to maximally perform
  • Interact with the master trainer in the questions and comments sections to get answers to your questions about the program or reaching your goals.

Program Introduction:

Movements in Program:

  • 360 Clean
  • Alternating Front Punch
  • Alternating Kettlebell Swing
  • Plus way more Designed to Help you Flow!

Kettlebell Flow Demo

The Purpose of Flow

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Customer Reviews

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Dan Jordy
Good program - some issues on the videos

I like the program (I've only done Force), it's set up very well. It's "only" 1 week, but repeated 4 times. Not sure how anyone can do the skater squats, but I've been trying

There were some issues on the videos (like the timer going off but there is still time left), and it's hard to see the white timer/rep count in the corner with the white background. Overall though I think it's good, especially with the video demonstrations of the moves and the printable/electronic tracker

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Christian L.
Excellent course

I'm very pleased with the course and breakdowns. The Flows are fun and what's great is one can create their own Flows too. I wish their were more Flow videos separately but I guess we will make our own. Thanks for another great course.

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