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Competition Kettlebell Wrap by Kettlebell King
Kettlebell Kings Competition Kettlebell Wrap
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Buy Kettlebell King Competition Kettlebell Wrap
Competition Kettlebell Wrap online
Competition Kettlebell Wrap - Floor Protector-Kettlebell kings
Kettlebell Kings Wrap
Competition Kettlebell Floor Protector
Competition Kettlebell Wrap - Floor Protector-Kettlebell kings
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Competition Kettlebell Wrap - Floor Protector

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Over the years a number of customers have asked us about how to protect their floors when lifting kettlebells at home. We created the Kettlebell Wraps with this in mind! Each wrap is made for the specific dimensions of our different weighted Powder Coat Kettlebell and is designed to provide layers of protection for both the floor and your bell. The wrap will soften the blow when setting down the kettlebell which will keep your floor from getting marked up as well as protect the paint on the edge of the kettlebells to prevent premature chipping! Made in Illinois! Each wrap has the weight of the bell on the back of it!

Product Features:

  • Build-in rubber base for superior shock absorption (same rubber used in commercial gym floors)
  • 3mm neoprene sleeve to protect the bells
  • Toughtek® abrasion-resistant grip fabric is rugged and non-marking
  • 2” Velcro joins the sleeve together under the handle of the bell

How to put on your Kettlebell Wraps:

  • Step 1: place the wrap on the ground
  • Step 2: place the kettlebell in the wrap
  • Step 3: pull the wrap over the kettlebell
  • Step 4: join the two sides with the built-in Velcro under the handle
  • Step 5: reposition the sleeve to ensure seams run parallel with the sides of the bell

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Customer Reviews

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Scott Ward
Kettlebell Wrap

Overall great experience so far.
The wrap seems to be well designed and fits very snug. It's great for working out inside and keeping the metal-clanging noise down so I don't wake up the kids early in the morning. The added floor protection in the bottom of the wrap is also a nice touch! It makes for setting the bells down on the floor safely and quietly and protects my floor.

Melvin Germino
Kettlebell Kings Competition Wrap

Although it is a little difficult to put on the bell, it is a perfect fit and securely fits any competition bell (33mm or 35mm handle). It has a great bottom to protect both the kettlebell and the floor. The neoprene sleeve will help protect it from premature chipping and decrease the damage if the kettlebell were to fall while practicing juggling skills.

See below for a video:

Reijo Saajasto
Great accessory

Although a little high in price and difficult to put on, these are great and I anticipate they will significantly improve the life of the paint on my kettlebells. Without these I had chipped up the bottom paint setting bells down on a concrete floor and banged up the sides doing double kettlebell work, with these on I am no longer worried about either.

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The best kettlebells for the best apartment workouts

I’ve worked out with a lot of kettlebells at crossfit and kettlebell gyms over the past 15 years. Kettlebell Kings hands down makes the best competition kettlebells that you can buy. I have enjoyed their customer service and responsiveness ever since I first start buying their bells. Right now is a great time to buy some kettlebells—there’s no better exercise equipment out there for when you’re stuck in a little apartment or second bedroom for your workout.

Gavriel k.
Best competition style bell

I never thought how much balance and handle shape plays a role in a kettlebell. I love these bell because they're very comfortable to the swings cleans and snatches. The Competition Kettlebell Wrap for Floor Protector are great, I don't have to think about how hard I'm going to put the bell on the floor, the wraps are also comfortable when doing Turkish Get Ups gives a little cushion on your forearm . Great customer service as well.

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