The starting weight you choose can vary based on your kettlebell experience as well as fitness and strength level. While it is hard to make specific recommendations without knowing you personally, there are some guidelines that have come to be over the years that we believe are helpful.

  • cast iron kettlebell, powder coat kettlebell

    Powder Coat Kettlebell in LB


    All purchases receive 21 days free of training access at our training site Living.Fit! When you purchase a kettlebell(s) get a link to Living.Fit for 21 days which hosts hundreds of kettlebell movement demonstrations, full length workouts, meal...

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    Powder Coat Kettlebell KG


    12,16,28 and 32 kg kettlebells are arriving this week (4/23/19) and are pre-orders, you can order them and they will ship out a bit slower than our normal shipping times as we restock this week.  14, 40,44 and 48 kg kettlebells are now available...