Marcus Filly E-book



The Functional Bodybuilding training method, created by 6x CrossFit Games athlete Marcus Filly, has helped thousands of athletes around the world look good and move well. Blending functional fitness with bodybuilding, this style of training develops strength and muscle mass, mobility, and conditioning - while avoiding the burnout and injuries typical of doing high intensity fitness for too long. 

Now you can put Functional Bodybuilding to use with just one or two kettlebells with The Kettlebell Solution: a collection of 60 Functional Bodybuilding workout pieces that you can add into your existing training, or use the included template to build a standalone kettlebell program.

The Kettlebell Solution will help you:

  • build visible muscle mass
  • balance strength across the 6 main movement patterns (squat, hinge, push, pull, core, and rotation)
  • improve motor control and mind muscle connection
  • flow through fun and challenging kettlebell skills!

This ebook includes 10 workouts each that cover:

Strength Balance – Build more muscle even if you don’t have a heavier bell. Using tried and tested training methods of tempo, supersets, and timed rest periods, you’ll discover how to use the same weight to get stronger, week by week.

Skill Flows and Coordination – Fancy kettlebell moves aren’t just party tricks. When you’re bored and burned out, learning new skills opens a new avenue to stay engaged in your fitness and use your body in new ways. Rotational movements and skill work build resiliency that carries over to shooting hoops, swinging a golf club, or awkward movements in life. To get fitter, faster, and stronger, you need to develop both brain and brawn – your muscles and your nervous system, which allows you to adapt to training. These flows will work your neural pathways, challenge your reflexes and coordination, and wake up your brain to get explosive.

Pre-Fatigue Pumps – Banish the boring and ineffective warmup. The purpose of the first few minutes of your training is to get to work so you get the most out of your muscles in the session ahead. Have you ever finished your working sets of squats and felt like you were just getting started? You may be leaving gains on the table. 

Finishers – Blast your biceps, core, and more with these satisfying finisher circuits that end your session with quality – and an epic pump. The perfect touch to add onto any session to end on a high note!

You will need:

At least one kettlebell. If you have multiple kettlebells at different weights there will be opportunities to use them; however, if you are limited on equipment you’ll find instructions for how to alter the workouts for your needs.

Experience level:

Beginner to Advanced - The Skill Flows and Coordination section includes advanced kettlebell complexes, but there are also many simple workouts suitable for any experience level.


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