Kettlebell Set - Competition Kettlebells - 8,12 KG Kettlebells

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    Main Exercises:
    Snatches, Jerks
    Kettlebells Based in Kilograms



    'Fair Maidens' Competition Kettlebells Set - 35mm Handle

    8 Kilogram | 18 Pound, 12 Kilogram | 26 Pound Kettlebells

    Contains one each of 8 and 12 kilogram kettlebells

    What is a Competition Kettlebell?

    Competition kettlebells are made of steel and are all the same size regardless of weight for a uniform training experience at all times. The bells are designed for high repetition exercises. If you have used barbells, think about when you train with plates that are all the same size regardless of weight so your form is always the same during Olympic lifts. Competition Kettlebells are the same premise in kettlebell form. 

    Kettlebell Kings Are Different.

    • NO FILLERS, each weight has an individual mold to cast precisely to the correct weight.traditional competition kettlebells are made with ONE mold and filled with fillers like saw dust and ball bearings to achieve desired weight, this leads to imprecision in weight and contents shifting during lifts
    • NO WELDINGcast as one solid piece instead of welding parts.
      • traditional kettlebells are made with welding the handles, bodies or bottom -- this makes kettlebells break easy
    • WINDOW, size and curvature compared to other models is designed for easier insertion with comfort overhead and in the rack position during lifts. More comfort and easier insertion equal better workouts and new personal records in strength, endurance and competitions.


    Specifically top-heavy molded with a thicker handle base and a greater percentage of load toward the top of the bell's body. This ensures that the kettlebell does not pull the lifter's arm to the outside when overhead or in the rack (resting at waist level) yielding injury prevention and energy conservation.



    competition kettlebell

    Hollow Core - No Fillers For Better Balance

    competition kettlebell

    Smaller Window For More Comfort

    competition kettlebell

    Side View of Single Casting


    Customer Quotes

    "I own a number of KB's, cast iron RKC's, competition KB's and a couple of Spuds KB's. The competition KB I purchased from KB Kings is the best one I own. Great KB, Great service, Great workouts." - Bruce

    "LOVE THIS BELL! The balance in this bell is perfect, LOVE the way it lays on my forearm. Did a 202 rep training session the other day with ZERO soreness/tenderness in my forearm afterwards. Wish I had a whole set of these bells!!" - Hillary

    "These kettlebells are the new design and are the best I've ever used in regards to weight distribution in the bell. No fillers to become loose over time. I'll be replacing EVERY WEIGHT I have with this style kettlebell. Thanks for an awesome product and of course, FREE SHIPPING!" - Blake

    Exceeds International Standards

    • LIFETIME WARRANTY, no one else offers lifetime warranties on competition kettlebells, we construct these kettlebells so well, we guarantee the structural integrity of the kettlebell for life. ACCURACY, we guarantee the accuracy to the weight you purchase within 0.3 kilograms or we will replace the bell at NO cost
    • NO RATTLE, fillers loosen over time and rattle around inside, these kettlebells have no fillers or rattle
    • COLOR CODED, each individual weight is colored coded to a specific color for easy identification and international competition standards
    • MADE for Kettlebell Sport, meets Girevoy Sport Union (GSU), IKFF and International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL), WAKSC & OKC standards. 
    • TOP QUALITY, steel used for durable and long lasting construction
    • GRAVITY CAST to specific weight, gravity casts create better surface finish and better dimensional accuracy compared to other types of molds. 

    Official Bell of:

    • Steve Cotter & IKFF
    • World Association of Kettlebell Sport Clubs World Championship
    • California Open Kettlebell Sport Championship 
    • The TX Open Kettlebell Sport Championship
    • Japan Kettlebell Sport Championship
    • GSAA Australian National Kettlebell Championships
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