Kettlebell Set - Competition Kettlebell - Fitness Edition

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380.00 LBS
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Main Exercises:
Swings, Presses, Turkish Get Ups
Kettlebells Based in American Style Pounds

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This will be an update to our popular Steel Standard Kettlebells! Our 'Competition Kettlebells - Fitness Edition' will have the same weight increments and look but will be updated with pitted handles for better grip, wider handles for kettlebell swings, wider bases for stability and slots on the side for comfort against your wrist during bootcamp and high intensity style exercises.


Color band key:

  • 20 LB - pink 
  • 25 LB - blue
  • 30 LB - red
  • 35 LB - yellow
  • 40 LB - light purple
  • 45 LB - purple
  • 50 LB - light green
  • 55 LB - dark green
  • 60 LB - orange
  • 65 LB - light red
  • 70 LB -dark red
  • 75 LB - gray

Kettlebell Set - Competition Kettlebell - Fitness Edition  

These are updates to our popular Steel Standard Series! New features include pitted handle, wider grips for kettlebell swings and slots on the side for comfort during High Intensity style training and Bootcamp type exercises. 

One each of 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60 Lb Kettlebells

  • FREE, SAME DAY SHIPPING, Kettlebells normally ship for almost as much as they cost, all kettlebell ordered before 5 PM CDT ship same day
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY, We craft these kettlebell so well, we guarantee the structural integrity of the kettlebell for your lifetime
  • PACKAGED WITH CARE, All kettlebells triple boxed with styrofoam inserts and wrapped with bands so your kettlebell arrives in pristine condition


  • ORIGINAL, One of a kind style of kettlebell, no one else has steel competition style kettlebells based in five pound increments
  • HANDLE, 33mm regulation handle for all weights, this is advantegeous as normally kettlebells over 35 pounds in any style have larger diameter handles which can be cumbersome for those not used to them. No paint stripping needed for use with or without chalk
  • SIZE, Each kettlebell is the same size regardless of weight so your technique and comfort level does not change as you increase training weight, any weight fits your hands, wrist and forearm the same for uniform training for high repetition exercises as
  • MODELED, After competition style kettlebells with uniform sizing but made for fitness enthusiasts used to five pound lifting increments
  • COLOR CODED BANDS, International standards for easy identification of different weights, additional identification of weight in colored bands on handles and stamped into back of kettlebell in pounds.
  • SMOOTH FINISH, Handles designed for maximum comfort on your hands, wrist and forearm during high repetition movements. No seams or burrs which causes ripping of hands if one does not take the time to file them down on a kettlebell after molding.
  • DURABLE, Steel construction is the most durable type of kettlebell
  • LOGO, Kettlebell Kings logo engraved into kettlebell so it will not break off, kettlebells without engraved logos have inserts glued in which break out over time
  • DIMENSIONS, on individual product pages!
  Steed Standard (pictured here) Kettlebell Sport Series
Handle Diameter 33mm 35mm (larger)
Choice of Weight 'American' style 5 pound increments (20,25,30lbs, etc) Based in Kilograms (8kg, 12kg)
Structure 8KG shell with fillers to achieve desired weight, closed bottom (traditional in U.S) Solid steel cast to specific weight, open bottom

Window (the area between the bell and the handle)

Slightly larger then Kettlebell Sport Series for general fitness use

Smaller than most kettlebells on the market, designed for easier insertion during Kettlebell Sport competitve lifting


Handle Diameter:

33mm 1.299 inches
Handle Width: 185mm 7.28 inches
Handle Inner Width: 119mm 4.685 inches
Handle Height: 95mm 3.74 inches
Total Diameter: 210mm 8.268 inches
Total Height: 280mm 11.02 inches


A lot of customers ask us the difference between this series and our Kettlebell Sport Series, here are the differences: