The Most Reviewed Kettlebells in the World are Coming to Europe!

Competition Kettlebell

Competition kettlebells are made of steel and are all the same size regardless of weight for a uniform training experience at all times. These competition kettlebells have 35mm handles. The bells are designed for high repetition exercises. If you have used barbells, think about when you train with plates that are all the same size regardless of weight so your form is always the same during Olympic lifts. Competition Kettlebells are the same premise in kettlebell form.

  • NO FILLERS. Each weight has an individual mold to cast precisely to the correct weight.
  • NO WELDING. Cast as one solid piece instead of welding parts, which adds more comfort and better workouts!
  • NO WELDED ROD. Our kettle bells never contain the vibrating rod that’s known to distract lifts.
  • 35MM HANDLES. All kettlebells have 35mm diameter handles which is the international competition standard

Cast Iron, Powder Coated Kettlebell

Powder Coat kettlebells are made from Cast Iron and then painted with Powder Coating to protect the iron and improve grip texture for grueling workouts. Powder Coating is one of the most durable types of paint available on top of kettlebells. This series is based in popular kilogram increments.

  • RECESSED LOGO, Our Cast Iron Powder Coated Kettlebells have recessed logos into the kettlebell for comfort.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY,  We guarantee the structural integrity of the kettlebell for your lifetime.
  • SMOOTH FINISH, Our bells are polished free of imperfections when they come out of the mold and then painted with powder coating to improve grip texture. Having a smooth finish protects your hands, wrists and forearms
  • SINGLE CAST, Our Powder Coat kettlebells are all made from a single piece of cast iron. Casting from a single piece of metal gives more durability to the kettlebell
  • COLORED BANDS ON HANDLES,  Colored bands are specific to certain weights