Kettlebell Wrist Position - How To Rack A Kettlebell

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on 10th Aug 2018

Some of the biggest benefits of the mighty kettle are thanks to its shape & offset center-of-gravity. This also means you have to be diligent in how you actually hold the thing!â €The "Bruce Lee" Po … read more

Kettlebell Color Coding - What Do The Colors Mean?

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on 10th Aug 2018

We have a lot of colored kettlebells and when we post them to social media, people frequently ask questions about the color designs so we thought we would tell you why.There are a few explanations. T … read more

Learn How To Stretch Your Hip Flexor!

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on 25th Jul 2018

Learn how to stretch your hips from Living.Fit! … read more

What About The Lunge?

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on 20th Jul 2018

by John Parker:In sport, athletes display a high variance of movement potential. To build athleticism, strength trainers must select exercises that improve speed, power, and strength. In traditional s … read more