Are Kettlebells Better Than Dumbbells?

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on 16th Aug 2019

When it comes to working out, finding the best equipment for your training, individual biomechanics, and reaching your goals can be quite confusing. Of course, the type of equipment you choose will de … read more

Kettlebell Certifications are Virtual!

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on 16th Aug 2019

You may have seen that we have kettlebell certifications through! We are excited to announce that both our kettlebell certification and battle ropes certification are now ava … read more

How to Build Functional Mass with Kettlebells

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on 14th Aug 2019

During my years spent as a sports and remedial massage therapist, I had the pleasure of working with athletes and everyday performers from most sporting, exercise and movement disciplines. Massaging y … read more

The Kettlebell Kings Texas Open

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on 3rd Aug 2019

The Texas Open is back! Read more about the event and register here: Kettlebell Kings Texas Open is back!Learn about the 2019 Texas Open and come visit us … read more

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Kettlebell Training

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on 29th Jul 2019

Unfortunately, Clint Eastwood never made a movie called, The Good, The Great and The Awesome. There‚Äôs quite enough negativity in the real world without my highlighting the bad and ugly points about so … read more