Black Friday Promotions

November and December are our busiest time of year. We try our best to keep our most popular items in stock but we do tend to run out each year. Starting in early October each year we get tons of questions asking if we will be running Black Friday promotions. The answer is 'Yes!'. We most certainly will be running Black Friday promotions! We will not be able to release what those are until Black Friday and we cannot guarantee inventory throughout the holidays. We want to make sure you get the equipment you need and want to give you a reason to purchase now so you do not miss out!

This year, we have created some great bonuses for purchasing before Black Friday:


  • Guaranteed to receive immediate order on in stock items, no back orders or waiting on restocks
  • Get 2 months free on our new training site Living.Fit which includes hours of kettlebell workouts, instruction, stretching and more! Get access automatically after your purchase!
  • Get an exclusive 10% coupon code to use on top of your Black Friday sales order during Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend! Get automatically after your purchase!