20 KG | 44 LB Rubber Coat Kettlebells

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44.00 LBS
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20 KG Kettlebell, 44 LB Kettlebell, rubber kettlebell

20 KG | 44 LB Rubber Coat Kettlebells


This Rubber Coated kettlebell weighs 20 Kilograms which is 44 pounds. Rubber Coated kettlebells are based in kilograms because kettlebells originated in Russia with weights determined in kilograms.

What do customers like about this kettlebell?

  • Chrome handle is wider across compared to traditional kettlebells, so it is easier to fit both hands for most users
  • Chrome handle is smaller in circumference compared to traditional kettlebells for those concerned about big handle sizes
  • Many kettlebell users prefer the feel of chromed handle to traditional steel or painted handles, it is softer on your hands
  • Rubber coating is easier on user compared to other kettlebells during workouts as you make contact with kettlebell
  • High quality steel chromed handle prevents rusting with prolonged use
  • Kettlebell is made from durable cast iron, then coated
  • Coated in virgin rubber, which provides excellent resistance to impact during workout
  • Stamped in Kilograms